A fast-growing strand of the recycling industry is the treatment and processing of biodegradable organic waste, including food and green waste. Many businesses in the Solihull area are keen to improve their environmental credentials by recycling as much waste as possible, and this is one area where there is plenty of room for improvement in the Solihull recycling system.

In Solihull alone, thousands of tonnes of waste food and green waste are disposed of every year, much of which could be recycled and re-used. In fact, this kind of waste can easily be composted and reprocessed, then used in many different ways, such as mulch and compost for improving soil.

There are two main types of techniques for green waste processing:

  • Vessel composting, which uses a bioreactor principle to safely and effectively compost organic materials in large metal tanks, creating useable compost for agriculture
  • Anaerobic digestion, which breaks down biosolids and animal waste, yielding a variety of useful products such as solid and liquid fertilisers.

Facilities for both these types of recycling, and many more, are available to commercial enterprises in the Solihull area. This means that as a business owner, you can take full advantage of Solihull recycling facilities to help improve your environmental credentials.

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