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With our extensive knowledge of materials processing and equipment, RG Recycling Group Ltd offers complete materials recycling facility (MRF) design and builds.

We can help design your material recycling facility to ensure your business receives the best possible return on investment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Here is just some of what we offer:
Complete MRF design and builds

At RG Recycling Group Ltd, we understand that every materials recycling facility (MRF) is a unique system. No two clients have the same space, types or amounts of material to process, or end quality requirements.

With this intelligence about your business in mind, we will design and build a bespoke MRF that is tailored exactly to your requirements, ensuring that it delivers the best possible return on investment and performs to UK health and safety standards.

MRF optimisation

As competition between UK waste management companies continues to intensify, so many MRF owners are keen to find ways to improve the operational and financial performance of their materials recycling facilities.

In addition to being market leaders in complete materials recycling facility (MRF) design and build, RG Recycling Group Ltd is an expert provider of MRF optimisation services. Whether it’s reducing your processing costs, gaining greater value of output materials or introducing more robust management systems, we can help you to deliver the greatest possible return on investment.

MRF modifications and upgrades

Over time, it’s likely that your business priorities will change, as will the needs and requirements of your customers. It’s important that your materials recycling facility (MRF) can be adapted and upgrade to suit these changing needs, to ensure you can continue to offer the best possible services in changing times.

RG Recycling Group Ltd can advise you on the most suitable solutions for your facility, as well as sourcing, supplying and installing the new plant equipment with minimal disruption to the operation of your MRF.

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