A huge amount of waste is produced by vital UK industries, such as farming, construction and mining. In the UK for example, landfill costs are predicted to increase by at least £20 per tonne over the next two years alone. This can be a real headache for any site manager looking to reduce costs, maximise income and meet all current environmental and safety standards.

As a competing business, you don’t need to fight this. Today, waste products are valuable commodities. For example, soil or waste from the ground can be crushed using a cone crusher and passed through a trammel to provide fresh top soil and clean rocks for landscaping. Or, waste timber can be processed to make woodchips, which have a variety of applications. So, by investing in industrial waste recovery techniques, you can save money on waste disposal, and can actually gain from the recyclable materials you are generating from your industrial waste products.

Every industry is different, and certain recycling machinery and industrial waste processing techniques are more suitable to specific types of waste than others. For example, some recycling equipment is best used in the mining industry for the extraction of minerals, while other equipment can be easily adapted to work in a variety of industries. Whatever the nature of the waste your site is producing, it’s highly likely you can find an environmentally friendly and safe way to dispose of it that will actually generate an income for your business.


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