If you’re getting tired with the same old screening machines, constantly getting clogged up with wet material and failing to separate waste effectively, then the Binder+Co BIVITEC range of screeners may well be what you’re looking for.

BIVITEC (flip flop) screens have revolutionised the screening industry, thanks to their unique vibratory motion, which the manufacturers are constantly improving.

Thanks to their highly effective output and low blinding rate, BIVITEC screens have quickly become world leaders in the recycling screening industry. BIVITEC screens are used by many of RG Recycling’s clients across the UK, as well as being popular in the USA, Canada, the rest of Europe, Africa and Asia.


Standard screening machines vibrate the screen in a linear motion, from left to right, or up and down.

This can mean that some materials, such as damp coal, sandy clay and peat, are difficult to screen, because they can cause blockages on the screen mat, meaning materials can no longer be sorted on top of it.

Some newer screens have circulatory vibration, which can improve performance in loose waste processing, but blockages are still experienced when trying to segregate damp or splintery materials, which can be a particular issue in adverse weather conditions.

Another issue with older recycling machines is that the screens can wear out quickly, because of the constant clogging and vibration motion, meaning extra time, cost and difficulty to maintain and replace.

The solution: BIVITEC Screens

BIVITEC screens use a dual vibration system, which means the screens can operate at higher levels of intensity and acceleration.

This cancels out the clogging problems commonly experienced with harder-to-screen materials, meaning expansion of screening potential and higher output. The newly designed BIVITEC screens also experience less wear and damage to the sides of the screens.

Thanks to less damage and blockage, your waste processing can carry on for hours without stoppage or problems. If and when a screen does need to be changed, the screwless design means this takes less than an hour, reducing your machinery’s down-time.


RG Recycling can advise on and supply all kinds of BIVITEC screening machines, meaning we can help you find the right one for your recycling and waste processing needs. For example, our own McCloskey B230 High G Force Screener uses the BIVITEC screen to increase output production and efficiency. We can help you buy or lease any BIVITEC equipment, and will even help you sell your old screeners.

So if you’re looking for a practical, economical and efficient new screening system, the BIVITEC screens are just what you need. RG Recycling can work with you to source the best waste processing equipment and plant machinery for your needs, wherever you are in the world. Contact us now to see how we can help you and your business.

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