Slag Recycling

In the past, slag recycling is something that wasn’t commonly done – and this meant that not only was slag dumped in potentially unsafe places, but there was also a lot of wastage for the materials that could have been recycled from it.

Thankfully, times have very much moved forward, and this means that if you are involved in a project that produces slag waste, you will be able to recycle it without too much trouble, so that you know you are doing your bit for the environment.

However, unless you deal with this type of waste on a regular basis, it is unlikely that you would have the right kind of equipment to be able to deal with it effectively. This means that you will need to hire slag recycling equipment, and we have exactly what you need. We are able to provide you with the machinery that you need to deal with the waste that you have produced, so you can get rid of it appropriately and safely.

For more information about the service that we offer, give us a call today to see how we could help you. There is no need to worry about slag recycling, as we can deal with any needs that you might have in this respect.

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    Waste management solutions

    We provide a range of solutions, including the following:


    Expert advice on the right equipment for you.


    Access to the very latest products, such as the McCloskey B200 BIVITEC high g-force screener.


    Plant research and design.


    Trade in of a wide variety of recyclable materials around the globe, ranging from timber and cardboard to plastics and glass.

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